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Agricultural trade

lthough we supply to our own facilities, we have recently began trading fodder, grains, minerals and vitamins as well as other animal food supplements to farmers in other regions in Slovenia. Our product range encompasses all the important product groups such as equipment, machine and hand tools, protective clothing, fertilizers, fodder and seeds as well as pesticide products. At the same time, we offer expert knowledge, which we have gained through not only our experience but also that of our partners. Such business practices have proved successful and the evidence can be seen by the trust placed in us by the farmers we supply as well as annually increased profits.

Our aim is to make agricultural work simpler for our customers. To enable us to do this, we will broaden our service range with repro-materials from various acknowledged manufacturers and also expand the existing agricultural centers. By the year 2011 we plan on building three new modern shopping centers with cultivation tools and other products.

With the expansion of the agricultural trade and the acquisition of new customer target groups, we will strengthen and modernize the current perception of a trustworthy partner who will, with his knowledge and range of products, fundamentally contribute to the development of the agricultural activity in Slovenia.