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Agriculture is the primary activity and the basis for the entire Group development.

Employing state-of-the-art equipment, Panvita cultivates over 3,400 hectares of agricultural areas with the following basic crops: wheat (for human consumption, fodder or seeds), rape plant (for the market), grain maize (for fodder or seeds) and barley (for fodder or seeds).

The agricultural activity is part of the “Integrated crop production” which determines a balanced use of agro-technological measures and takes into account economic, ecological and toxicological factors. This activity is also included in the worldwide globalization process (ETO-EU) that has lead to the idea of restructuring a part of the agriculture and the development of new activities.

In the long term, the existing agricultural crops are going to be restructured into more market-stable varieties (wheat – fodder, maize – silage, rape, maize – grain, barley). An important part of this restructuring will be used in the bio-energetics process. We plan on continuing the process of restructuring agriculture and crops with the aim of achieving more added-value, for instance by adding poppy, hemp and flax which demand high-technology processing. At the same time, we plan on intensively expanding the territory of our own cultivated areas.

As an integral part in food production within the framework of our Group, our primary responsibility is the natural production of high-quality cultures that have an important role in the integral activity of our Group in manifacturing high-quality animal feeding products. These, in turn, are a prerequisite for the production of high-quality foods.