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Fodder production

High quality fodder mixtures from the modern factory in Lipovci allow the breeders to efficiently utilize the genetic potential of the animals for above average breeding results. With the introduction of the complete quality control system the rigorous control over primary and final products was established. Only proper primary products have to be used in the production of quality final products.

We are the leading producer of safe quality food for animals in northeastern Slovenia and an important link in the chain in the Group. Our products guarantee that the breeders get for their animals the optimal ratio of needed nutritional material with regard to the resources invested. The main production and product range includes nutrition programs for pigs, cattle and poultry. Guarantee of quality is the systematic analyzing of products and their effects on our own farms and in reference farms. We are mainly concerned with development, the improvement of mixtures based on technological innovations and on results of the use of fodder on our own farms, with constant adaptation to the needs of our customers, the home and foreign exchange of professional experience and constant development of new products for our markets.

The production of fodder mixtures is expected to triple by 2011 which means a capacity of 75,000 metric tons; furthermore, the number of crop production partnerships will be greatly increased. At the same time we are reaching our goal of becoming the largest grain center in the state and with it we are strengthening our position as leading producer of fodder for pigs in the state.

Our experts have been co-creators of European trends in the field of domestic animal nutrition for years and they actively put these trends into practice with over a thousand partners.