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Meat and meat productsa

The origins of Panvita MIR (Gornja Radgona meat processing factory) date back to 1922. The company deals with cattle slaughter, meat cutting and preparation, and meat product manufacture. Panvita MIR is the only meat processing company in Slovenia registered for the combined processing of white and red meat. The basic raw ingredients for meat processing and production are provided at our own pig and poultry farms and slaughterhouses within the Panvita Group.

Every year Mir offers 16,000 tons of fresh meat as well as semi-prepared, heat-treated and semi-durable and dried meat products to the market. By constantly adapting to market demands, we respond to the needs of modern-day consumers. There are also several programs in our sales range we have implemented to satisfy the needs of those customers who have special demands. Among those are the AVE PRESTIGE program that includes products prepared according to traditional methods, the “protected products” program designed for those who want more, and several programs adapted to ethno-markets across Europe.

We cooperate with all major retail store chains in Slovenia and also some retailers in the territory of the former Yugoslavia as well as the EU. Fifteen percent of our entire program is sold on foreign markets. Our retail chain of meat centers in Slovenia also provides us with distributional flexibility for our larger customers in the gastro-sector.

As one of the few processing factories in Slovenia, our production processes are in accordance with the International Food Standard. Our business operations are compliant to the ISO 9001:2000 Standard, the certified HACCP Standard and the certified Halal Standard. Panvita MIR also acquired the oval SI 711 ES stamp.

Our meat products are placed on the market under the AVE and PIPI trademarks. For breeding fresh pig meat under the PIGI trademark and breeding the HOME BREAD GORIČKO CHICKEN we were awarded the superior quality certificate by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food.