Okus. Življenje. Vitalnost.

Pig breeding

Pig breeding has a long tradition in this part of Slovenia and even the royal court in Vienna once acquired its pork supplies from here. The first beginnings of modern farms date back to the Nemščak farm that once operated as part of the Beltinci state-owned agricultural facility, as well as the Rakičan pri Jezerih Agricultural state property.

Progress in technology and public awareness contributed to constant improvements made in stock selection and especially in breeding technology that became increasingly animal-friendly. We follow strict statutory industry requirements that allow our stockbreeding facilities to compete with the best stockbreeding facilities in Europe and are able to breed 124,000 pigs each year.

We place great importance on environment friendly stockbreeding. The production of safe food is ensured by the introduction of the quality management system ISO 9001:2000, HACCP, and certified with the so-called “Higher Quality Label” (Znak višje kakovosti) by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food. Pig stockbreeding is integrated in the wider rural environment through a system of stockbreeding partnerships.

Technological innovations, animal health programmes, human health protection, and breeding animal production, all of which are suitable for the fulfilment of present and future needs, are being followed, developed, and put into practice by experts within the Group. With the proper as well as controlled animal nutrition we are able to achieve a high commercial value for fattened stock and consumer safety. The Panvita Group is known in the market as a producer of good quality healthy pigs. We are becoming an important source of supplying high quality pork under the PIGI trade mark and for this reason we have developed an innovative approach which is adapted to the needs of our consumers.