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Poultry farming

Our activities in the poultry farming section include the production of hatched eggs and day-old chicks, chick breeding and slaughterhouses. All poultry farming activities are concentrated in the Pomurje region where chicks are bred on our farms as well as with help from over 30 partnership breeders. This allows us complete control over all phases of production in poultry farming. Quality fodder for poultry comes from Tovarna močnih krmil Lipovci d.o.o. (The Lipovci fodder factory) while poultry meat products are produced at the MIR d.d. company.

The company’s products include whole chicken, cut chicken, primary products for production of poultry meat products and pre-prepared fresh poultry meat products.

Our market share, in Slovenia, in the field of production and preparation of fresh and frozen chicken meat has reached 12% and is growing considerably because of our ability to seize new market opportunities.

The company operates in accordance with the ISO 9001:2000 standard, the certified HACCP system, the International Food Standard and the HALAL standard for production of fresh meat and meat products. We received the certificate of higher quality from the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food for the breeding of our “Home bread Goričko Chicken”.

Meat and poultry meat products are available on the market under the AVE – “Meso jem zdravo” (“I eat healthy meat”), PIPI and Extra trademarks.