Okus. Življenje. Vitalnost.

Research activities

KŽTC Pan-nutri d.o.o. was founded in 2005 with the aim:

  • to encourage and manage the research and development projects in the wider agricultural and food industry in the Pomurje region;
  • to encourage the R&D activities in individual companies (establishing of developmental units) with the objective to form a stronger and more extensive research and development potential in the wider agricultural and food processing industry in the Pomurje region;
  • to offer professional advice and support with applications to domestic and international developmental, research and other tenders;
  • to offer to companies and individuals, with R&D equipment, other facilities and information, a suitable framework for reaching their project goals;

Finished and on-going activities:

  • initiative and cooperation on establishment of the “Food for life” technological platform,
  • realization of the Pan-bioteh project, in cooperation with the Panvita Ekoteh d.o.o. company,
  • initiative and realization of the project of developmental center for alternative crops in agriculture, in cooperation with KG Rakičan d.d.,
  • dissemination of knowledge in the form of organizing of training modules, lectures, business consultancy, and dissemination of information in the form of pre-arranged presentations of results of R&D projects to the interested public.