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Vegetable production

Our vegetable production program, a direction with greater added value, was developed as an alternative to the regular production of field crops.

Rich natural resources and extensive experience helped us specialize in the production of soft fruits, selected vegetables and special crops.

We are strengthening our position as Slovenia’s leading soft fruits producer; our main market advantage lies in the production of soft fruits in soil which is based on an elaborate system of quality control that ensures standard quality of fruits, high nutritional safety and cost-effectiveness.

We are entering the vegetable production market with two crops: tomato and asparagus. The market advantage of our soft fruits production will be expanded to other naturally produced vegetables and our quality standards will be used in the utilization of the natural resources of the fertile Pannonian plains.

Development plans for production of alternative field crops are being realized with the production of poppy and buckwheat. From these, with the help of modern technological processes, we will develop products which will appeal even to the most prestigious culinary demands of our customers.

You can recognize our products under the trademark PANONSKI VRT (PANNONIAN GARDEN) which features high quality and nutritional safety, exceptional flavor and an acceptable price.