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Veterinary services

The basic activity of our veterinary service is to provide the highest professional level of veterinary care. The services are offered to users within the Group and to our stockbreeding partners.

The provision of veterinary services plays an important role in large pig and poultry production units. Due to large numbers of animals concentrated in a relatively small area the outbreak of disease may cause considerable loss in production and consequently be extremely damaging financially. We in our society are convinced that prevention is far better and cheaper than cure (preventing diseases is better than treating them). Considering stricter regulation regarding the widespread use of antibiotics we endeavour to reduce their use and to introduce new prevention programmes at the same time. We put our utmost care and efforts into defining the conditions for animal hygiene and epizootiology in stockbreeding holdings. We propose suitable solutions that are likely to improve rearing conditions and implement appropriate prevention schemes.

The veterinary science is actively included in all technological processes, animal nutrition, the care for animal welfare and last but not least in the care for natural environment and production of healthy and good quality food.

We offer our partners a wide range of veterinary services. We listen to their requirements and design our services individually in order to deal with their specific requirements and act in our mutual interest. At the same time, our primary objective is to look after the welfare of the animals.