Marof Wines

Specific wines produced in the embrace of the most modern approaches and the tastes of tradition.

The story of Marof wines began more than a hundred years ago. Today the creation of these wines interweaves a tradition of the old world with the latest techniques, and in this way we produce wines known throughout Slovenia and more widely for their local grape varieties and healthy nature.

Our philosophy of producing wine is that wine is not made. Wine grows, through our time and dedicated attention, in vineyards.

Precisely due to this philosophy we do not use modern wine cosmetics, additives and techniques, since they rob the wines of their personality given to them by the local climate, land and tradition.

Marof wines are created under the expert eye of the young and ambitious oenologist Uroš Valcl. The wines are precisely made, with pure flavours, moderate levels of alcohol, and are elegant and harmonious.

We are proud to have already received numerous important awards for them at international tastings.
The excellence of our wines has won numerous international awards from distinguished wine experts (Decanter World Wine Awards, Robert Parker, International Wine Challenge and more).