Our work is distinguished and controlled by numerous certificates and standards.


Select Quality represents the national quality scheme, which can relate to composition, environmentally friendly production, the quality of raw materials, animal welfare, special health protection for animals, method of feeding, the length and transparency of transport routes, processing, the speed of processing raw materials and the minimum possible later processing during storage and transport. The requirements of the scheme specifications go beyond national legislation, so involvement by companies is voluntary. The protected trade mark IK (Select Quality) guarantees for the consumer that this is a product subject to regular and full controls, and is made and processed in Slovenia.

Global G.A.P. & GRASP

Demanding consumers, retailers and also legislation are setting ever greater requirements for the responsible production of safe food. In principle the certificate is intended to establish uniform and equal good agricultural practices on the domestic and international markets. By acquiring the GLOBAL G.A.P. standard and the GRASP addendum, we are pursuing the principal goal of reducing negative impacts of production on the environment, maintaining consumer confidence and food safety, verifying the effectiveness of the HACCP system and taking a responsible approach to employee health and safety. Each year we carry out an assessment with local and international assessors, and in this way we have set up a process of constant improvements.


IFS (International Food Standard) is a standard for assessing foodstuffs in the food industry, and is intended for communication among traders and producers. The IFS brings together the requirements of the HACCP system under the Codex Alimentarius, the rules of good production, business and hygiene practices and also the traceability and labelling of foodstuffs.

Panvita Agromerkur d.o.o. attains the highest international standards of high-quality and safe production of chicken meat, and meets the stringent requirements regarding traceability and labelling of foodstuffs. By adhering to the requirements of the IFS we are fulfilling the high expectations and demands of our customers and are ensuring that our products are safe and of high quality.


This international standard is the most widespread model for a quality management system. It involves documented management of mutually linked elements (the system), which through a defined policy, objectives and strategy for achieving the objectives (management) ensures the fulfilment of the requirements for a product/service set by interested parties (quality).

The word quality means the degree to which the set of characteristics meets the requirements for a product as defined by interested parties (a person or group that is interested in the success of the organisation).


The Society for the Promotion and Protection of Prlekija Delicacies confirms that Panvita mesna industrija Radgona d.d., Ljutomerska cesta 28A, 9250 Gornja Radgona meets the requirements for the specification of Prleška tunka meat product with geographical indication – registered at the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food of the Republic of Slovenia under number 321-155/01/61


The Islamic Community in the Republic of Slovenia guarantees that the products from the attached list of products on the second page of this certificate from the company PANVITA MIR d.d., Ljutomerska c. 28/A, 9230 Gornja Radgona, Slovenia, are free of any ingredients prohibited in Islam and are therefore HALAL and can be freely consumed by Muslims.

Integrated production

The agricultural product is made in accordance with integrated production practices, where permitted agrotechnical measures are implemented in a supervised manner. Integrated production makes use of natural resources and mechanisms that reduce the negative impacts of farming on the environment and human health.

Organic production/processing

Organic production ensures high-quality and safely produced food. Such products contribute significantly to ensuring public benefits, preserving the cultural landscape and protecting the entire environment. Preserving natural features, the diverse landscape structure and wealth of biodiversity is a value for which we strive, and the kind of farming that uses easily soluble mineral fertilisers, chemically synthesised plant protection agents, genetically modified organisms and products obtained from such organisms and growth regulators is not permitted. Uninterrupted and transparent control over the production of foodstuffs, from field to table, is the guarantee for consumers that the decision to consume EKO (organic) products is the right choice. The Panvita Group jointly cultivates organically grown garden produce (courgettes and cucumbers) and field crops (wheat, spelt, oats, maize, oil pumpkin, clover) on roughly 100 ha of land.