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International Food Standard (IFS) is an international standard for rating suppliers in the food processing industry. Standard IFS, which was established by the German market union HDE and the French market union FCD in 2001, is currently considered to be the highest standard of its kind in Europe. It incorporates 336 requirements that are rated using four grades. Grading is established through a point system. In the end the percentage of met requirements is calculated. To receive certification, it is necessary to attain at least 75 percent.

Skupina Panvita was first to receive IFS Certification in Slovenia. Currently there are approximately 4000 groups with this certification in the entire European Union. The certificate is valid for 3 years, but the international accredited certifications organ conducts control testing each year.

Quality Standard ISO 9001:2000

This international standard is the most extensive systemic method of quality control. The objective is to achieve documented expertise between inter-connected elements (systems) that through defined politics, goals and strategies for attaining these goals (leadership) ensure the meeting of requirements for products/actions that are established by interested parties (quality).

The word quality refers to the grade at which accrued characteristics meet the requirements of a particular product, which were defined by interested parties (an individual or group that is interested in the success of the organization). The system of requirements of the mentioned standards, whose introduction is voluntary, was introduced into our entire group in 2004. In 5 of these groups, we verified their consistency using an independent accredited certification organ, which is proven with certifications.


HACCP is an acronym for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point which is concerned with analysis of risk and critical control points.

The objective is to establish basic documentation instrumental in the expertise of nutritional safety of products with the identification, analysis and rating of physiological, chemical and biological risk factors in individual processing phases as well as in the definition and implementation of preventative and/or corrective measures in phases of increased risk. Skupina Panvita is unique in its full implementation of the HACCP system from “the soil to the table”, thus even during animal production, since the year 2004.

Higher Quality

Agricultural output, or food product of higher quality, is under its own quality specifications better than the same type of agricultural output, or food product of minimal quality specifications, if such is permitted. The specific attributes of agricultural output or food products are determined based on assembly, sensor attributes and physic-chemical attributes as well as the method of production, or rather, processing. Agricultural output or food product can be rated with the designation “high quality” if it fulfills the prescribed conditions. Group Panvita received this certification in 2005 for its high quality meat PIGI.