Okus. Življenje. Vitalnost.



The encompassing trademark of Skupina Panvita combines three inter-related projects: agriculture, meat and meat products and ecology and energetics.

Our story began in the second decade of the 20th century, with the establishment of the Banovin estate. With our organization and knowledge the estate soon became the largest agricultural-producing operation in the then existing Kingdom of SHS. Various socio-political systems fragmented the estate into numerous smaller, non-profitable plots. Only with the advent of the agricultural organization of Rakičan did the negative trend of division end and the process of union remerge. What today we recognize under the name of Skupina Panvita is the continuation of this tradition and knowledge that we continue to build upon and enrich each day.

The manufacture of meat products has its roots in Gornja Radgona, where they established one of the first companies in the region that was involved in the processing of pork. From a small operation established in 1922, the company grew into the leading manufacturer of meat products. By joining with Skupina Panvita the company received new impetus for the realization of its vision in the field of meat processing.

The growing trend of poultry in this region of Slovenia during the middle of the 20th century opened doors to the establishment of a modern butchery operation. Like today, the then existing poultry butchery was maintained by the entire Prekmurje region. Upon entering the market system the poultry producers joined Skupina Panvita, which assured their vision and continued uninterrupted production.

Notwithstanding our renewed vision and organic structuring of the company, we continue to remain loyal to principles of partnership, self-assurance, reliability, flexibility and loyalty to the consumer.

Today Skupina Panvita incorporates 10 inter-related organizations that employ over 600 individuals and realizes our responsibility to the production of ecologically sustainable food products and the natural raising of livestock.