Okus. Življenje. Vitalnost.

Organization and Environment

All organizations within Group Panvita have committed themselves to transparency in business conduct that is consistent with the regulations and standards applicable to this field. The preservation of the environment is one of our main principles.

Group Panvita is also strongly involved in the local environment. We motivate the education of youth through use of scholarships. We are a donator to the Faculty of Agriculture in the University of Maribor in support of its affiliated unit in Rakičan. We also achieve our mission through the advancement of research companies that with the help of partnerships we have established in the Pomurje region.

With expertise in our business practice we feel responsible to the owners, consumers, to each other and to the wider environment, whose acceptance and co-operation allows us to conduct business in the Slovenian and foreign markets.

We support a number of sport and cultural activities in our wider region. We expanded a long-established children’s art academy into a youth art development center on the Panvita day of strawberries. In support of the healthy development of children and adolescents we became a long-term sponsor of the ‘believe in your basket’ cause, thereby participating in the revitalization of basketball courts throughout Slovenia. We are a long-term sponsor of the Murska Sobota Athletic Club, which carries our name and we also sponsor top sport competition in Planica.

We recognize the importance of co-operation between organizations and the environment. After all, it is only this which brings long-term benefits to all concerned.