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Our employees are the key factor for success and guarantee for the future of our companies. We employ more than 600 people, with many experts from the fields of agriculture, meat processing and power industry. Their expertise, motivation and loyalty to the company are an important capital in which we invest and develop with care. Care for our employees and effective HR policies are a prerequisite for our success.

Constant environment changes demand continuous modifications and improvements in the technology and skills of our employees. A continuous professional development is a condition of effective and quality work, which also enables clear and simple recognition of the contribution of every individual to the common goals of the Group.

In order to reach our targets and realise of our vision the Panvita Group established an in-house training centre, which provides different types and opportunities for education and training.

If you believe that you would meet our criteria and would like to join us, please send you CV to kadri@panvita.si. Your information will be stored in our database. We will contact you if there is a job opening for your profile. Your personal information will be used only for our HR database.

The goal of the employees within the group is clear – to increase the development of our own potential.