Poultry farming managed by the company Panvita, Agromerkur, d.o.o., includes the production of eggs and day old chickens, rearing chickens and a slaughter house. All these activities are concentrated in the Pomurje region, where we rear poultry on our own farms and with the help of more than thirty partner farms. This enables us 100-percent control over every phase of production.

Quality poultry feed is supplied by the Panvita Group, while meat products made of poultry meat is produced by the company Panvita MIR, d.d.

The company’s sales line includes: a whole chicken, chicken cuts, raw material to manufacture poultry products and production of pre-prepared fresh products made of poultry meat.

In Slovenia we have a 12 percent market share in the field of production and preparation of fresh and frozen chicken meat, and this share increases each year.

We operate in accordance with the ISO 9001:2000 standards, a certified HACCP system, the International Food Standard (IFS), and the HALAL standard for production of fresh meat and meat products. For the rearing of the “Home-bred Goricko chicken”, the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food awarded us a certificate of high quality.

Both meat and poultry meat products are available on the market under the brand names AVE and PIPI.