The Panvita Group is the first and largest company chain in the Slovenian food-processing industry, which manages safe and quality manufacturing and processing of food in the entire chain from the field to the spoon. The group is a joint venture of 11 companies and they work in the following fields: agriculture, gardening, feed production, poultry farming, pig farming, veterinary services, production of meat and meat products, wine growing, ecology, and energetics. The advantages of such vertical integration are traceability, control and ensuring constant quality and safety of our products.

We set up a system for managing safety and quality, which includes both the growing phase (conditions of food manufacturing on our own farms and on family farms) and the processing phase (conditions during the processing of meat and meat products). The Panvita Group was the first in Slovenia to implement the International Food Standard (IFS). By implementing this standard, the manufacturer guarantees that any food product produced in this system is safe for the consumers.

Important parts of this system are: the ISO 9001:2000 Standard of Quality for the quality management system; HACCP (Hazard analysis and critical control points), which is a tool for controlling the nutritional safety of the products, a High Quality Award for pork meat originating from a high quality rearing, and a certificate for the Goricko chicken brand. By meeting all the standards, the Panvita Group ensures that the products which enter the market as fresh meat and meat products of AVE, PIGI and PIPI brands, as well as strawberries, asparagus and other fruits and vegetables are safe, healthy, and of high quality.

All the by-products which are a result of food production are processed by the Panvita Group bio gas plants into green energy and thermal energy without any additional impact on the environment.

When conducting the concept of safe, traceable and controlled food, Panvita Group experts work with the Faculty of Agriculture in Maribor, Biotechnical Faculty and the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Ljubljana, the Institute of Agriculture in Ljubljana and distinguished foreign experts.