Agriculture is the first step in the integrated chain of Panvita Group activities, for it ensures high-quality raw materials for the production of high-quality foods. 

In order to preserve and increase our competitive advantages, optimise production, reduce environmental impact and also in view of climate change, it is essential for technology to constantly develop. 

For this reason more recently we have invested most in precision crop production, which enables more targeted implementation of agrotechnical measures, reduces the quantity of intermediate products and energy used and thereby achieves a reduction of costs and less burdening of the soil.

Using the latest equipment we cultivate more than 3,500 hectares of agricultural land for the production of primary field crops: wheat (for human consumption, feed or seed), oilseed rape (for processing), maize for grain (for feed or seed), barley (for feed or seed), oil pumpkins and traditional cover crops (buckwheat, millet).

Crop production activities are included in the Agri-Environment Climate Scheme, which determines balanced use of agrotechnical measures with harmonised observance of economic and environmental factors.

In order to ensure stable production regardless of the weather conditions, we invested in construction of an irrigation system covering 830 hectares, and this provides for stable yields in drought years and the possibility of cover crops and higher quality seed crops.

On an area of 100 hectares we are developing organic farming of primary field crops (wheat, spelt, maize, oats, oil pumpkins, clover).