Animal Nutrition

At the state-of-the-art facility in Lipovci we produce high-quality feed mixtures made 100% of Slovenian cereals.

We are the only producer in Slovenia that guarantees the 100% use of Slovenian cereals in its production of feed mixtures, and are a leading producer of high-quality and safe food for animals in northeast Slovenia.

Our main production and sales programme covers the nutrition of pigs, bovines and poultry.

Our products ensure the optimum balance of necessary nutrients relative to the resources invested.

Quality is guaranteed through the systematic monitoring of products and their effects on our own farms and reference farm operations. Our concern is focused principally on development, improvement of mixes based on technological developments in the use of feed on our own farms, constant adaptation regarding the needs of our customers, exchanging expert findings at home and internationally and constant introduction of new features.

High-quality and flavourful mixtures with high nutrient contents enable:

  • optimum exploitation of the animal’s genetic potential;
  • above-average conversion;
  • high daily growth;
  • exceptional milk yield and high fertility.

We guarantee the microbiological, chemical and physical integrity of the feed.