Through its primary activities the Panvita Group is tied directly to nature, so our attitude to it is especially respectful. 

We are focused on the future and strive for improvement in all areas. Our activities in the area of ecology and environmental protection cover certain integrated solutions. Economical management of natural resources is our vital contribution.

We consider as part of the company’s set of ecological activities the treatment of wastewater, optimising packaging materials, processing of animal by-products and obtaining ‘green’ electricity from biogas. The Panvita Group has set up wastewater treatment at the facilities in Nemščak and Mir and the processing of animal by-products within Group companies.

Back in 2006 we set up our first biogas plant at the Nemščak pig farm, and in this way started a new cycle of investment in obtaining electricity from organic waste. Through the biogas project we entered an area that is gaining increasing importance internationally. The company is committed to adhering to the international guidelines on environmental protection and reducing CO2 emissions.

Electricity generation is a strategic objective for us. On an annual level our biogas facilities at Nemščak, Jezera and Motvarjevci generate more than 25,000 MWh, and in this way we are significantly contributing to increasing the use of renewables in Slovenia.