Farm Centres

In our state-of-the-art farm sales centres we offer a rich selection of items, intermediate products and farm supplies for the complete provisioning of farms.

Our own supply of outstanding feed mixtures for all categories of domestic animals, cereals, mineral, vitamin and other animal nutrition supplements has been enhanced by a sales range of products from various well-known manufacturers.

Our product range covers all the major groups, including farm mechanisation, spare parts, equipment for renovating or constructing farms and homes, protective means and clothing, machine and hand tools, fertilisers, feeds, seeds, plant protection agents and even the sale of fuels, which are offered at our locations in Lipovci, Lemerje and Žihlava.

With the growth in the volume of sales from the farm retail operation and by acquiring new target groups of customers, we are consolidating and building on our reputation as a trustworthy partner whose knowledge and range of services is contributing significantly to the development of the farming sector in Slovenia.