Garden Produce

There’s an old idea that says cultivating a garden is proof of a belief in tomorrow.

We undoubtedly believe in tomorrow, especially when we look forward to ripe sweet strawberries, an intoxicating aroma or healthy green asparagus, offering an unforgettable culinary experience.

We are developing horticulture as an alternative to the classical method of producing field crops and as an orientation towards greater value added. Given the natural features of eastern Slovenia’s Pannonian Plain, alongside strawberries and select types of vegetables we are focused on the production of special cultures and alternative field crops.

In the area of strawberry production we are consolidating our position as one of the leading producers in Slovenia, based on an evolved system of quality management that ensures a standard quality of fruit, high nutritional value and rational economics.

In the vegetable production sector we are producing asparagus and organic courgettes and cucumbers. 


The Panvita Group arranged the first planting in 2007. Here, too, we paid especially close attention to the choice of location, and placed the crop in the lightest soil of all the surfaces we possess, where the asparagus thrived most successfully.


With their red fruits, heavenly aroma, smooth flavour and pleasing appearance, strawberries occupy top place among Panvita’s garden produce.

Panvita’s strawberries are still distinguished by a delicate balance between tart and sweet, lending the fruit a special freshness, and we enhance the perfection of the fruit with painstaking care of the plants, and manual, daily picking, and this ensures the freshest berries for everyone.

Buckwheat kasha

Buckwheat kasha is a speciality of Slovenian folk cuisine, and it has a special place and history in the Prekmurje region, where the local dialect refers to it as ‘hajdina’.

Buckwheat kasha is packaged in cardboard tubes or bags of 710 grams.

Millet kasha

Millet kasha has exceptional nutritional properties and has a beneficial effect on the digestion while regulating gut flora. In the stomach it produces an alkaline reaction, thereby benefiting the entire digestive tract. It promotes the removal of water from the body, and consequently also toxins.

Millet kasha is packaged in cardboard tubes or bags of 710 grams.


Poppies are often forgotten when people speak of traditional Slovenian cultures. Yet they are deeply rooted in Slovenian and especially in Prekmurje cuisine. What would we do without poppy seed potica and prekmurska gibanica cake? Customers can purchase Panvita poppy seeds as whole grains and not pre-milled. Indeed milling can entirely spoil the quality of the poppy seeds.

Poppy seeds are packaged in cardboard tubes of 500 grams or bags of 170 g or 500 g.