Meat and Meat Products

We feel a great responsibility to all those who choose our products.

Each year we place on the market 19,000 tons of fresh meat, semi-prepared meat products, parboiled, semi-cured and dried meats.

We are constantly adapting to the needs of the market and are investing in development. Our sales range includes products that also satisfy the particular requirements of customers. We also provide for the non-allergenic production of meat products, which we place on the market under the brand name AVE.

Panvita MIR (Mesna industrija Radgona) is involved in animal slaughtering, cutting up and dressing meat and in the production of meat products.

We are the sole meat processing company in Slovenia registered for the combined processing of both white and red meat. We provide the basic raw materials for processing and producing meat products from our own pig and poultry farms and the slaughterhouse within the Panvita Group.