Rural Development Programme

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NAME OF ACTIVITY: Investment in erecting a plastic greenhouse for hydroponic production of strawberries and several types of herbs (sub-measure 4.1. Support for investment in agricultural holdings)

Through this project Panvita d.d. is adapting to inclement weather and increasing its yield of strawberries. Due to the increasingly large changes to the weather, the company was forced to set up a plastic greenhouse covering 2 ha in order to maintain strawberry cultivation. Through this project the company partly abandoned the classic method of strawberry cultivation, shifting to hydroponic berry growing. In order to maintain its competitive advantage and optimise production, the company had to invest in development and cultivation using more modern methods. Cultivation is in fact more eco-friendly, since conditions in the greenhouse are controlled and consequently we are able in part to dispense with the use of plant protection agents. For this reason by making this switch the company is turning to investment in setting up a plastic greenhouse for hydroponic cultivation of strawberries and herbs (new product).


  • New product
  • Modernisation and optimisation of production
  • Maintaining the brand
  • Increasing yield


  • Increasing competitiveness and optimising production through improved technology, reduced maintenance costs, increased productivity and successful adaptation to climate change