Veterinary Services

The primary veterinary activity is providing high-quality veterinary services at a high professional level. 

We offer veterinary services to users within the Group and partner farms.

The provision of veterinary services has an important function at the large pig farming and poultry operations. Due to the large number of animals concentrated in a relatively small space, any outbreak of a specific disease can cause a major downturn in production and thereby major economic damage. We are certain that prevention is better and cheaper than cure.

Given the strict regulations covering the broad use of antibiotics, we are striving to reduce their use, while at the same time implementing new programmes of prevention. 

The veterinary profession is productively involved in all technological processes, animal nutrition, concern for animal welfare and not least a concern for the natural environment and the production of healthy and high-quality food.

We are endeavouring to provide our partners with a broad range of veterinary services, we are attentive to their requests, and we calibrate services individually for the benefit of both contracting parties, and especially for the welfare of the animals.