In the northeast of Slovenia we are developing a wine district that will be gifted the favourable conditions of the Prekmurje soil and climate for the production of superlative wines.

MAROF is a modern cellar closely tied to nature, tradition and the cellar-keeping principles of our forebears. We are focused on the future, we are looking for changes, and at the same time we rely on tradition.

MAROF is a family story. Focused on the future, descendants and progress, it relies solidly on tradition. We are proud that in the production of our wines we adhere to the tradition of our predecessors; after all, the Counts Szapary in Mačkovci were making superlative wine several centuries ago.

We cultivate the vineyards organically, and in the cellar we swear by traditional and natural processes, involving minimal intervention, and only then when it is absolutely essential. We are convinced that a great wine is always the product of culture, not science.