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Animal feed

The aim of every individual breeder is to achieve the best possible results in animal breeding, which must be in accordance with regulations on food health and safety. That and more can be achieved with feed mixtures from the Panvita Group, which cover the fields of cattle, pig, poultry and other animal feed.

You can choose between the complete feed mixtures, which provide all that your animals require, the supplemental feeding mixtures, which complement the home grown feeds, the mineral and vitamin mixtures and special feed supplements.

High quality and tasty feed mixtures with high value nutritional content offer:

  • best utilization of the genetic potential of the animal,
  • above average conversions,
  • high daily growth rates,
  • exceptional milk yields and
  • good reproductive ability.

We offer practical, ready to use and proven solutions, which bring higher yield at the same or even lower costs.

We guarantee for microbiological, chemical and physical integrity of the feed,

and offer a systematic solution for a balanced care for pigs and cattle with essential nutritional substances.

The optimal and economical feeding depends on the appropriate ratio in the nutritional composition of the feed.

We expended the range of products and we now offer new forms and ways of packaging, so the feed is even more available to you, dear animal breeders. It is available in the 1, 5, 10 and 30 kg bags, big-bag bags and in bulk. We dedicated special attention to our special feed supplements, which are packaged in special purpose PVC buckets in the amounts, appropriate for breeding specific animals.

Choose the products of the Panvita Group, because they are of high quality, effective, and animal friendly.