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Meat and meat products AVE

Once upon a time, when men were mostly hunters, hunting food for their families, meat was the most frequent food on the prehistorical family menus and has stayed indispensable until today.

For a long time now it has been known that foodstuffs of animal origin are made of similar components as our body. This is one of the reasons why we have instinctively decided to consume red and white meat since prehistoric times. The meat contains the wild side of human essence, which has bound us to nature forever. The primeval nature and pleasures are still reflected in our manners of consuming meat, as some people seldom and some of them more and more often leave forks and knives aside and eat the delicacy simply with their hands.

Everyone has most probably experienced the longing for pleasure, the epicurean hedonism that traditional recipes and formidably prepared delicacies awaken within. And, once this desire has risen no one is very far from licking their fingers, impregnated with divine tastes of precious meat, with absolute delight. Just imagine a fragrant and well done delicacy. It is simply impossible not to enjoy it as much as they used to: voluptuously and aloud, and above all with a great deal of cheer and joie de vivre.

Pleasure does not lie.
Red meat is said to have a positive influence on he mood and even the libido and to contain substances, which strengthen our muscles and help the body disintegrate redundant fats at the same time. The Panvita Group will help you indulge yourself in traditional recipes and sublime tastes, thus providing you with a genuine pleasure. The AVE brand attests to our respect for tradition and our efforts for an innovative development of quality red and white meat products.

In order to achieve a greater culinary variety we have created some smaller culinary groups under the AVE brand and named them PRESTIGE, GRILL and CHEF.

The AVE PRESTIGE product line offers high quality products based on traditional recipes that were once used for manufacturing meat products on farms. These products are made of carefully selected meats, and the ripening process is somewhat longer than with other products. All AVE PRESTIGE products have a distinctive yet classic taste, appreciated by the best of meat connoisseurs.

The Radgona meat industry (Mesna industrija Radgona) has been famous for their čevapčiči (grilled minced meat from the Balkans), pleskavica (a hamburger dish from the Balkans) and barbeque sausages. Numerous gold medals and the Quality Champion award received for these products represent the basic quality of our barbeque products. The raw materials for our products come from farms of the Panvita Group. The subtle selection of the right spices brings our products a unique taste.

The program of pre-packed products, or as we like to call it “the autumn collection of fresh meat products”, has been designed for those who wish to prepare superior food and don’t have a lot of time. The AVE CHEF products are mostly prepared at the butchery, which leaves the consumer with only a few minutes of work. Those are pre-prepared and spiced fresh meat products. The leading product of this line is the already well-established netted pork roast (mrežna pečenka).