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Red fruits of an exquisite aroma, fine flavor and pleasant look are the most sought for products from our Pannonian garden.

By carefully choosing the location of the orchard, the species and growing technology we produce the fruit, which is known and in high demand in Slovenia and abroad.

Our strawberries are known for their fine balance between the acid and sugar content, which gives the fruit that special freshness, and the perfection is rounded with careful care for the plants, daily hand picking, which enables us to provide daily fresh fruit.


The strawberry aroma contains over 300 different components, with over 90 different carbonic acid esters, 30 different types of carbonic acid, 20 acetals, 40 different alcohols, some aldehydes and ketones, simple carbohydrates (different sugars) and some types of sulfur compounds.

100 g of consumed strawberries in an adult covers 87 % of the recommended daily intake of vitamin C. Furthermore, strawberries contain other components with antibacterial functions, which prevent inflammations and also bind heavy metals.

The natural flavonoids anthocyane and kaempferol, which give the strawberries their characteristic color, have an anti-carcinogenic effect.


Washing is not recommended, because it causes the strawberries to lose their important nutritional elements. Prior to consumption, gently spray the fruit with cool water, which considerably increases the freshness and brings out the flavor.


Keep refrigerated at +8°C


250g, 500g (PET container + flowpack foil)


May, June